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Bow Wow Barrier Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does the Bow Wow Barrier work?
    After you install your Bow Wow Barrier and latch the handle into the brackets on the door, the mesh will automatically open with the door. The fabric then becomes a safety barrier across the opening and retracts automatically as the door closes. If you want to walk through the door, simply unlatch the handle from the brackets on the door and guide the mesh back as it automatically rewinds onto the reel.
  2. Can I use the Bow Wow Barrier on the outside of my door?
    Yes, all components of the Bow Wow Barrier have been tested for outdoor use in all seasons. We do recommend you bring the barrier to the inside of your door during freezing temperatures, or when not in use since any product that is left outside will have a reduced life span compared to indoor use only.
  3. What is the mesh material of the Bow Wow Barrier made of; how durable is it?
    The mesh is a tough, non-toxic, reinforced polymer composite material that does not contain harmful chemicals and is formaldehyde free. The fabric is UV, mildew, and highly scratch resistant. The Retract-A-Gate retractable safety gate for children and pets is also made of the same mesh as well.
  4. How do I clean the Bow Wow Barrier?
    The door barrier can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean stubborn stains that don't come out with the soap and water.
  5. Can I get samples of the mesh material?
    We will be happy to send you small fabric samples of both the Cafe and the White material. Simply email us at: . Please be sure to include your name and mailing address.
  6. What measurements should I know for installation?
    The Bow Wow Barrier mesh is 34 inches tall and the height to the top of the reel is 35 inches. The brackets mount at 3 and 31 inches off the floor and need 2.5 inches of flat surface to mount on.
  7. Are there any accessories that I will need?
    There are only two accessory items you may need with your Bow Wow Barrier:

    1. Wall Spacers
    If you have a baseboard on the wall side where the Bow Wow Barrier pet gate will be installed, you must measure the height and thickness of your baseboard to see if wall spacers are needed.If there is no baseboard, then no spacers are needed.

    Needed for:
    Avoiding interference from baseboard molding during operation as shown in Figures 1 and 2.

    • How should the Spacers be used?
    • If the baseboard is less than 4 inches tall (Fig. 1)- 1 spacer under each bracket
    • If the baseboard is more than 4 inches tall (Fig. 2)- 1 spacer under top bracket only
    Illustrated use of the Wall Spacer Set
    2. Drywall Anchors
    For the most secure installation we recommend you mount the brackets to a wall stud or a solid door frame or molding.  Most openings offer a secure surface to attach to, but for installations where this is not available, such as in the middle of a wall, we offer a Drywall Anchor Kit.  Single wall studs are 1.5 inches wide so one anchor would be needed for each bracket since the screws for each bracket are spaced just over 2 inches apart. These anchors are specially chosen for use with the Bow Wow Barrier.  Do not substitute other anchors.
    • Needed for:
    • Installing brackets to drywall where there are not double wall studs
    • How many Anchor Kits should I buy?
    • Typically, double wall studs are at corners and door frames (no anchors needed)
    • Areas with a single wall stud behind each bracket require one anchor per bracket
    • Four Anchor Kits are required per gate if no brackets will be mounted to a wall stud or solid wood
    NOTE: These anchors are for use on 3/8 to 5/8 inch drywall
  8. How is the Bow Wow Barrier better than other door barriers?
    There are other barriers on the market that have sharp metal edges that can easily cause cuts. The edges of the Bow Wow Barrier and its mounting brackets are smooth making it safe for paws and fingers. A different door barrier is not see-through. This causes your pets to jump up and try to see what is on the other side. Due to the see-through mesh of the Bow Wow Barrier, your pets can easily see outside without jumping up. There are also some other barriers that have free-hanging parts that get caught in the door as it closes. The Bow Wow Barrier allows the door to close without anything getting snagged. Believe it or not, there are even a few that are manufactured with cardboard, glue, staples or tape that will wear out almost immediately. The materials that the Bow Wow Barrier is made of are designed to last.
  9. How do you install the Bow Wow Barrier?
    The Bow Wow Barrier bracket kit provides the appropriate screws and hardware needed to mount the brackets to most doors for use as a pet barrier. The installation is simple:
    1. Follow the Bow Wow Barrier User’s Guide to attach the brackets to the door and the wall or door jamb.
    2. Snap the reel into the wall side brackets and then latch the handle rod into the door side brackets.
    3. That’s all there is to it - the Bow Wow Barrier will retract and extend on its own!
    Bow Wow Barrier Users Guide (opens a new window)
  10. Shipping Information and Delivery Costs
    We ship direct from Iowa to all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO addresses. If you need to ship to other countries, please see FAQ #4 below. For Canada we ship using UPS.*
    1. To calculate exact shipping costs, go to our “Prices/Buy” page:
    2. Enter the quantity of products you wish to purchase.
    3. Click "Continue" which takes you to the “Checkout” screen.
    4. Near the bottom of the screen will be initial shipping cost estimates (for the U.S. only).
    5. For exact costs to the U.S. or Canada, enter your country and zip code.
    6. Press your ENTER key with your cursor in the zip code box to update the shipping costs.
    *CANADIAN CUSTOMERS NOTE: We now pay all customs fees and taxes up front
    so you have NOTHING extra to pay when you receive your shipment.
  11. UPS Delivery Times
    UPS orders placed by 2:00 p.m. Central Time will normally ship that day (Mon-Fri).

    U.S. and Puerto Rico Delivery Times: (these are business days)
    UPS Ground:
       Midwestern States – 1 to 2 days
       Eastern and Southern States – 2 to 3 days
       Western States – 3 to 5 days
                               Hawaii –6 days
                               Alaska – 6 to 7 days
    UPS 3 Day Select: Guaranteed 3 days (Mon-Fri) most locations
    UPS 2nd Day Air:  Guaranteed 2 days (Mon-Fri) most locations
    UPS Next Day Air:  Guaranteed next day (Mon-Fri) most locations
    UPS Next Day Air Saver:  Guaranteed next day (Mon-Fri) most locations

    Canadian Delivery Times:
    UPS Worldwide Express: 1-2 days to most locations (Mon-Fri)
    UPS Worldwide Expedited: 2-3 days to most locations (Mon-Fri)
  12. Postal Service Delivery Times
    Postal Service orders placed by 11:00 a.m. Central Time will normally ship that day (Mon-Fri).

    U.S. and Puerto Rico Delivery Times:
    USPS Priority and First Class: Normally 2-3 days (Mon-Sat)
    USPS Express: 1-2 days (Mon-Sat; some Sundays) most locations

    Canadian Delivery Times:
    We currently only ship to Canada using UPS.
    For more information, please see FAQ #10 and #11.
  13. Are there additional costs for shipping to Canada?
    We pay all your customs fees and taxes for you up front. Once the order arrives at your door, you will not have anything extra to pay. This is another great advantage of doing business with Smart Retract.
  14. Do you ship outside of North America?
    To get Smart Retract products shipped outside of North America you need to use a U.S. mail forwarding company. You may want to locate a local ship forwarder; dealing with local companies can be easier. Below are links to three U.S.-based companies:  The best option for small packages.  The best option for larger freight.  Only for packages over 100 lbs.

    A single Retract-A-Gate will weigh 5 pounds and the package dimensions will be 4x4x40 inches. We accept orders with different billing and shipping addresses; however, the credit card must be a U.S. or Canadian-based card. We also accept Paypal payments from any region around the world. To use Paypal, you must provide us with:
    1. Your Paypal e-mail address
    2. Items and quantities you wan
    3. Shipping method; standard is UPS Ground
    4. Full name and shipping address in North America
    Once we have this information we will e-mail you a Paypal payment request for your Smart Retract order.
  15. What is the Return Policy?
    We are extremely confident that you will be pleased with your Smart Retract product; however, if you come up against some installation challenges or other issues, we're happy to help you out before resorting to a return. Often there are simple solutions to help solve many of the problems that you may run into. Simply e-mail us at with any questions or concerns you have.

    If you do require a return, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Items must be clean, odor-free, and undamaged. Returns that meet these criteria are never charged a restocking fee.  Shipping is not refundable. Please e-mail customer service at to request your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return instructions. In your e-mail, be sure to include either your Order ID or name and address and the reason for your return. To help save the environment we do not include a paper receipt. Your Order ID (begins with TCF) can be found on the electronic receipt that was e-mailed to you the day of your order and can also be found on your shipping label.

    The product(s) must be returned in the original packaging accompanied with all parts and accessories along with a note including your RMA number (also write your RMA # on the outside of the box). Once your return has been received and inspected, a credit will be given for the purchase price; normally within 1 to 2 weeks of receipt. At that time we will e-mail you a refund confirmation notice.
  16. Do your products have a Warranty?
    Yes; all our products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase to the original owner. This Warranty excludes wear and tear or damage.
  17. How do I Exchange my Bow Wow Barrier for a different color?
    The fastest way to receive your exchange would be to place a new order and then return the original. Remember that we need to receive your items within 30 days. Just email us at: to request your Exchange RMA number and the return instructions for your exchange.

    If you have already installed your mounting brackets and would like to leave them installed, that's no problem. Simply keep the product you plan to return until you receive the new one. Then take the unopened Bracket Kit from the new package and include that with the original product for return.

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