Retractable baby gate and pet gate from Retract-A-Gate safety gates.
Retractable Exterior Door Barrier for Pets
"Don't Open The Door Without One!"


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Bow Wow Barrier Advantages:

The Bow Wow Barrier is the newest retractable product from Smart Retract - makers of the award winning Retract-A-Gate. The Bow Wow Barrier can be used on all exterior doors.

This pet barrier is designed to keep dogs and cats from running out when the front, back, or any exterior door is opened - AND it's completely hands free! Simply by opening your door, the Bow Wow Barrier will instantly create a safety barrier across the opening. Then as you close the door, the Bow Wow Barrier will automatically rewind back into a small roll.

  • Ships to all U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO addresses
  • Clear mounting brackets; same material as bullet-proof glass
  • Installs in minutes with included hardware for wall and door
  • Lets guests come to your door without fear of being bitten
  • No stress for you or your guests when answering the door
  • Deliveries can be handed to you while barrier is in place
  • Allows you to open the door without locking pets away
  • Stops pets from running into the street or getting lost
  • There are no sharp edges; safe for paws and fingers
  • Puts a buffer between you and uninvited visitors
  • Keeps dogs from jumping on people at the door
  • 100% Made in the USA retractable pet barrier

Top Ten reasons (actually seven) -
Why you need the Bow Wow Barrier:
dont let this happen to you
"I hear the Ice Cream Man!"
  1.  The UPS driver panics every time he hands your e-bay
       bargains to you and Fang starts growling.

  2.  A stranger ringing your bell walks right in when you open
       the door to see what he wants.

  3.  Man’s Best Friend heads straight for the Girl Scout
       delivering cookies.

  4.  The Avon lady gets paw prints on her pants as your
       puppies jump up to greet her.

  5.  Your insurance rates go up every time Fang turns his bark
       into a bite.

  6.  Trick or Treaters come for treats and your kitty gets
       lost in the night.

      7. Your dog Houdini likes to disappear out the door - but with
          the Bow Wow Barrier in place - no more breakouts!
      “Don’t Open The Door Without One!”

The Bow Wow Barrier comes in Cafe as well
Available in two colors,
Café (shown) and White.
The Bow Wow Barrier attaches to your front or back door
Pets are able to greet visitors
without jumping on them.
this is how the bow wow barrier attaches to the wall
This White barrier blends well
with its surroundings.
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Retract-A-Gate baby safety gate made in the USA.
Retractable baby gate and pet gate from Retract-A-Gate safety gates.